wailfulrhyme » lol I'm half asleep right now, I'll try and remember to come back and read more soon.
wailfulrhyme » Hope you had a good birthday! I love Tom Waits! Hope you're well!
Splotch! » Happy belated b-day, Sleepstress
Deirdre » Sweet!!
Deirdre » Hmm, nothing shows up for me on that link you posted. I wonder if it's a problem with my computer?
mz » hi
Deirdre » I would too! It's beautiful, I bet! I love the beach at night though. That's my favorite!!!
Sleepy » Thanks! The view from my old apartment window...I miss the scenery
Deirdre » I love your header photograph!
Halcyon » Maybe they relabelled us because animal was bad PR
Halcyon » Hi
Sinja » *cs-s*
Whittaker » You havent written in here in a bout 6mths, but I happened to come by very randomly thought I'd say hi. lol
fahreal » my name fahri i am from jakarta youhave respont about my arts if you lke this please reply me back thank you so much
Ang » Greetings!
Sevencrows » Shoot me an email with an update.
Sevencrows » That's what I was going to say.. 'Of course I remember' you! I can't believe you remembered Kumquat, seeing that made me smile. I'm glad you've come back, I was wondering what had happened to you.
Halcyon » Of course I remember, it's only things that happened yesterday I forget...
Splotch! » Hey hey hey! My favorite Sleepstress is back!
Rosescry » Hello Welcome back to blogdrive
Halcyon » 'ello
wailfulrhyme » welcome back, sleepy! i'm ok but things can only get better from here, i suppose. best of luck to you and your secret! will be reading. hehe : )
Neracruz » Hi from Italy.... the pictour on the top is brilliant, Kev
Jesse » Neat site.
Xaos » hello! i hope you don't mind, i stole your "what to do" questionnaire...it looked like fun!
Toaod » Awesomes! Long time no see, definetly email me and stuff, I'd love to catch up.
psychadelic » yoooooouuu!!
Majestee » I love the picture with the kitties and the puppy. hehehe
Tubby » If it compensates for your little sister flirting with guys your age, I too flirt with guys your age... er... girls... sh!
psychadelic mess » happy halloween! party hard!!!!!!
Toaod » Depression is the peanut butter on the roof of lifes mouth.
Toaod » In my experience, the blinders will always open, you just gotta know how to reach out and open them.
Melissa » kool blog!!! I really like it!!!!
Toaod » Life is beautiful, no matter what happens. We are constantly surrounded by beauty, just sometimes circumstances put blinders on us.
The Renegade Blogger » surfing by, thought I'd say hi.
The Renegade Blogger » Surfing by, just thought I'd say hi
psychadelic » thas so cool cus honestly i was like.. erm . she wont remember
Toaod » Ahh, but was he forgotten because he was lonely, or was he lonely because he was forgotten?
psychadelic » hope u remember me!
psychadelic » hey
Whittaker » I like your 7 things list, I might have to do it sometime. lol Looking forward to your first semptember post.
Toaod » It's "Lonely, The Eighth Dwarf".
Toaod » Aha! For sooth! Zookz and away Go I!
Toaod » Mayhaps the revelries may not need liquors and ales! Mayhaps we might swipe yon Cart of shopping and have all the kinds of shock and discord that young rapscalions are apt to do!
Toaod » Ahh a fine draught of thy best ale wouldst be accepted with the greatest of gratitudes. But what of thine company in the drinking therein?
Toaod » I be at yon homestead of my living.
Toaod » What is the uppington? Where you be?
Amanda (aka Binkle) » All right, we're even. But without you I only have three people to tag.
teal » i am stealing your list of sevens...
Toaod » You have been Tagged! go to my blog for details.
Kristy » hey there! long time no read...good to catch up!
Whittaker » Your blogs are few and far between but your one of the few in this area still going.
Allie » (cont. from last tag) ...If you decide to, send me some mp3s and I'll put them up. Cheers!
Allie » Heya! Just stoppin by to say hello... so, Hello! Hey, I saw Pretty Girls Make Graves in your list down below, would you be interested in doing a artist spotlight thingy on them?
Sevencrows » *smirks* Kumquat
wailfulrhyme » happy belated sweet sixteen...
Toaod » I do believe that joining the military does make a difference. There is always going to be a need for the military, even though I wish there wasn't, and we are free because of it.
Toaod » I was basically saying that if you want to make a difference then you should do something. Joining the military was just one option that I pointed out. It's obviously a nuclear option, but anoption.
Sevencrows » *pounces*
w7 » The pink cat is freaky cool.
Whittaker » Sorry I'm a week late, but happy belated birthday.
Toaod » WHAT?! What are you Finland with your no side taking? You gotta vote!
Toaod » Win win situation, because there are still boobies involved.
Xaos » hiya...i forgot to tell you *DOH!* i changed my blog address to "xaotica.blogdrive.com"... have a great day ! and happy birthday!!!!
keithoe » hi there
Tubby » Poop!
Whittaker » May 4th, the most recent update I've found, how sad.
dania » darn those felines are too adorable!
The one and onlydave » My soundbites are working again if you want to listen at um.
Dr. God » I dare to tag. Ventured here from your profile. Lovely girl, you are.
Toaod » cuz, I have much larger chance of resting my head on my guitar than the cheek of any girl.
darkRoze » hey, u have a great blog!
wailfulrhyme » congratulations! you are my cat scratch! (my 1111th hit) rawr! i've been keeping busy. you?
Izzi iz izerz me-erz » hey! like the bloggy. visit mine sumtime ^_^
Sevencrows » That purple-green cat is INTENSE! How are you btw?
wailfulrhyme » love the layout too, by the way.
wailfulrhyme » glad you're updating again.
Sleepy » hehe. all clean.